Instructions for Downloading Your Free Photos.


HI Everyone: Gary Johnson here from PhotoShoots-Etc. I am really pleased at how nice the photos turned out for the Dads of Concord Dances… I hope you are too. Below are instructions on how to obtain your Free Download of your image file. Take this image file to your photo lab, along with the attached license release, and make as many prints of your photo as you want.

Note these images are formatted to make 8×10” prints, but they can also be cropped to make other sizes (5×7’s, wallets, etc). In the next few days I will also be posting these images where you can apply a variety of backgrounds and templates to purchase personalized prints on-line through my web site at reasonable prices and discounts. You will be notified via email when these options are available.

If you have any questions please email me at Photoshoots Etc.

But first – how to obtain your free photo file:

  1. Click here to go to DOC Dance Galleries
    Note: Gallery expires on 4-15-15
  2. You will be asked for your email address, and a password
    (the password is CEMSFD and is not case sensitive).
  3. Next is an ad, click anywhere on the page to advance to a page displaying three thumbnails.
  4. The “Instructions” thumbnail will take you to these download instructions.
  5. Clicking either of the other two thumbnails will take you to the M-S and F-D dance photos.
  6. gm-selectgallerySelect the dance you are interested in viewing, and you will see the first page of 50 thumbnails of various photos. Keep looking through the thumbnails on the next 2-3 pages until you find a photo of interest.
  7. gm-freedownloadClicking on a thumbnail will open a larger view of that image, along with a standard list of print prices displayed on the right. DO NOT SELECT FROM THIS PRICE LIST. Instead, note that just above the price list is a large message for “FREE DOWNLOADS” and below that is an arrow pointing to the “ADD TO CART” button. This is how you will order your free download.
  8. When you find the photo you want to download for free, while that image is displayed, click on the “add-to” arrow to put the order for the free image in your shopping cart (displayed in the upper right corner).
  9. gm-checkoutContinue to select additional images that you want. Or, to switch to the other dance photos, use the names dropdown panel in the upper right, or go back to the home page and re-enter. When you complete your order, click CHECKOUT in the upper right hand corner to begin the checkout process.
  10. gm-continueNext, you will be asked for additional information. Note that on the first page it is not necessary to login nor register to get the free download, so you can select “continue” and go to the following page.
  11. gm-continuecheckoutOn the subsequent page the required fields for information are highlighted. You may purchase prints online or download your free image for you to get printed yourself.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are only getting the free downloaded image and you are asked for credit card information you have incorrectly added something to your cart which has a price… DO NOT provide credit card information to order the free download. Instead, go back to your cart and remove this item, then complete the requested information for your free downloaded image.

  12. gm-confirmorderThe key fields on this page are CONTACT INFORMATION, which requires a valid EMAIL ADDRESS and a phone number. This is the email address where the link to download the images will be sent… so a false or phony email => no free images. The last thing before completion of the order is agreeing to a Creative Commons License (ie: free for the user to print or post, but no illegal nor commercial usage).
  13. After you complete the info the link to your free downloads will be sent.
  14. Be sure to take a copy of the licensing agreement with you in case your photo lab wants to see it. Enjoy!!

PDFs of Download Instruction and Licensing Agreement